Hummingbird Habit


I designed a logo concept for Hummingbird Habit, a retreat located in Pai, Thailand. However, the logo remains unfinished as the forward-thinking company is still in the process of defining its essence. The “Hummingbird Habit” logo is a modern and minimalistic design, comprising a stylized geometric depiction of a hummingbird and a plant, both emerging from the same source. The hummingbird, gracefully reaching for the blossom, represents joy and the realization of personal potential. The plant’s growth from a seed to a flourishing flower illustrates a journey of transformation, with each leaf symbolizing a habit or step towards self-improvement. Together, they emphasize the importance of planting seeds of change and nurturing them to blossom into the best version of oneself. The logo’s sleek and clean lines capture the hummingbird’s elegance in a simple yet captivating form. The overall design focuses on clarity, simplicity and is reflecting the retreat’s core values of mindful growth, habit change, and connection with nature.
Featuring the following color palette:
A deep blue symbolizing wisdom.
A soothing teal for rejuvenation.
A lively green representing growth.
A vibrant orange capturing joy.
A bold magenta used for some of the upper leaves, adding a touch of dynamism and possibly representing advanced stages of transformation or milestones achieved.

These colors unite to craft a visually appealing design. The hummingbird and plant, emerging from the same source, are artistically rendered to represent the journey of self-improvement. The bold magenta in the upper leaves provides a visual progression, symbolizing the higher levels of personal growth and achievement.

The name “Hummingbird Habit” is beautifully styled in the Camille font, aligning with the logo’s modern aesthetics and reinforcing its minimalistic theme.

Overall, the “Hummingbird Habit” logo paints a vivid picture of the retreat’s mission of mindful growth, habit change, and the joy of personal excellence. Its thoughtful design, strategic color choices, and the specific use of the Camille font create a strong and memorable brand identity, reflecting the retreat’s core values in a sophisticated and resonant way.


Hummingbird Habit Retreat, Pai Thailand